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Wind Power and Corporate Responsibility

The Problem: Global Warning
Carbon Dioxide composes approximately 80 percent of all greenhouse gases. More than 25 percent of that C02 comes from electric power plants.

The Solution: Wind Power and Corporate Responsibility

Richmond Web Services is committed to helping to solve today's energy challenges. In February 2007, we demonstrated our commitment by partnering with Renewable Energy Choice. We now use power with a purpose and offset 100% of our corporate and employee energy usage with Certified Wind Power.

How It Works:
For every unit of renewable energy generated, an equivalent amount of renewable certificates are produced. The purchase of renewable energy certificates supports renewable electricity generation and thereby offsets conventional, environmentally dirty electricity generation.

Our energy is now 100% Wind-powered and supports Wind Farm growth throughout the U.S. We are proud of our contribution to addressing the environmental crisis and are glad to know that when you do business with Richmond Web Services, its a purchase you can feel good about.

Richmond Web Services has also received special recognition as a member of the EPA's Green Power Leadership Club.

EPA Green Power Partner.

Guide to Purchasing Green Power

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